Executive Committee

The Committee meets three times a year (January, April and September), with an AGM usually held around May/June.

The Group Executive Committee exists to support the Group Scout Leader in meeting the responsibilities of their appointment. The Committee is responsible for:the maintenance of the Group’s property and equipment; the raising of funds and the administration of the Group’s finance; the insurance of persons, property and equipment;Group public occasions; assisting with the recruitment of Leaders and other adult support. 

The Group Executive Committee consists of: The Group Chairman; The Group Secretary; The Group Treasurer; The Group Scout Leader; The Assistant Group Scout Leader; All Section Leaders; The Sponsoring Authority or its nominee.  

Nominated Members – persons nominated by the Group Scout Leader. The nominations must be approved at the Group Annual General Meeting and the number of nominated members must not exceed the number of elected members.  

Elected Members – persons elected at the Group Annual General Meeting. These should normally be four to six in number. 

Co-opted Members – persons co-opted annually by the Group Executive Committee. The number of co-opted members must not exceed the number of elected members.

Ideally, between the nominated members, elected members and co-opted members, the Group Executive should include a parent of at least one Member of each of the Sections in the Group. 

A Scout Group is an educational charity. Members of the Group Executive Committee are the charity trustees of the Scout Group. Only persons aged 18 and over may be full voting members of the Group Executive Committee because of their status as charity trustees.