Membership Subscriptions

In order to meet the costs of the Scout Associations headquarters, the costs of organising and administering the Association, and to meet the Association’s obligations to World Scouting, the Committee of the Council of the Association requires Members to pay a Headquarters Membership Subscription. The amount of the Membership Subscription is decided annually by the Committee of the Council and applies to the whole of the United Kingdom.

In addition, to meet local costs, the local Scout County and the local Scout District charge a membership subscription. Likewise, individual Groups have their own running costs to meet (i.e. equipment stores, van, badges etc.).

The level of subscription (subs) to be charged for the calendar year, is reviewed and agreed by the Groups Trustee Board in the proceeding September and communicated to Members and Parents.

As always, the Trustee Board carefully consider what the rates should be to ensure costs are covered and no nasty surprises are sprung by making large increases.  If you believe you will be unable to make the appropriate payment by the due date shown, please immediately contact either the Section Leader or Group Scout Leader.